Good vs Bad Foods For Dogs

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Bekijk voeding voor jouw huisdier

Bekijk voeding voor jouw huisdier

Bekijk voeding voor jouw huisdier

A shiny coat and the right amount of energy is one sign of excellent nutrition. Your dog is what he eats and good dog nutrition can help to determine whether he will be a healthy pet or not.

A dog gets his nutrition obviously from the food he consumes. When buying dog food you have to be wary about what it contains. You also have to be aware of which growth stage the dog food you are buying is intended for. You get certain dog foods intended for pups and those that are specifically designed for adults or more mature canines. If you select the wrong type, there is a good chance that your dog will not get optimal nourishment from his diet.

Successful dog nutrition can be assisted by Hills Pets nutrition programs. Our products are created to ensure dogs receive a healthy intake of necessary nutrients.

Bad foods for dogs

To ensure excellent dog nutrition, one has to avoid feeding pets certain types of foods – generally those foods designed for people. Chocolate is the number one bad food for dogs. It is difficult for dogs to digest chocolates and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even seizures. Other foods (even some dog foods) which people sometimes give to their pets may contain high levels of sugar or additives, which can result in hyperactivity and bad behavior.

Many ‘people foods’ contain ingredients which can be toxic to our pets, so to ensure the right dog nutrition, we advocate only feeding your canine pal on food designed for them, like our range of Hills Science Plan foods.

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