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Humans Are Omnivores - Cats Are Carnivores

We love our cats and we want the best for them in everything, especially when it comes to cat nutrition. In order to make sure we give them the best, it really helps to know just what they need for a healthy diet. Humans are omnivores, we get our nutrition from protein as well as plant based foods. Cats are carnivores; they have totally different nutritional needs to their owners.

Cats do not naturally need things that we take for granted as part of a healthy diet, like green beans, lettuce or tomatoes. If we try and feed our cats 'human food' we are not providing them with the best, because no matter what your diet preferences are and even if you are a vegetarian; cats need meat.

Simply the best

Meat alone doesn't really cut it either, because cats need extra nutrients such as taurine to promote a long and healthy life and so the best way to give your cat what its body needs is to feed a high quality complete cat food, such as Hills Science Plan, which has been developed specifically to get the perfect balance of ingredients for optimal cat health. This keeps it simple. You know that cat nutrition is important and trusting a top brand like Hills, just as many vets do, ensures that you are leaving the nutritional health of your feline friend in safe hands.

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