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Establishing A Healthy Pet Diet

When you first get a pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, there are a lot of things to consider. Your new pet is so cute and cuddly and playful. The thing that will help keep your pet so playful and healthy looking is its diet. For you to be able to ensure that your dog or cat always has the right amount of energy and maintains their good health, you need to establish a healthy pet diet.

What does a healthy pet diet entail?

A healthy pet diet involves many things. The most obvious being their day to day food. Pet food can be bought at your local supermarket or online, or even from your vet. There are different types of food for both dogs and cats, starting with canned meals, dry food and even frozen food. However all foods are not equal, and whilst some popular brands seem value for money and trustworthy, they also contain high levels of sugar, additives and other fillers.

Be wary of food that contains a lot of fillers. These fillers are mostly starches and are used to increase the bulk of the pet food making it seem like more. It is therefore important you read the labels of pet food so that you know that there are enough of the right nutrients to benefit your little pet and giving him or her, the best chance of a healthy life.

A healthy pet diet must contain protein for growth, for strengthening tissue and facilitating the formation of hair, nails, blood and muscles. Also, carbohydrates are important, as are vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are all found in the Hills Pet range of cat and dog food products. Here at Hills Pet, we ensure that your dog or cat has everything it needs in its pet diet for optimal health.

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