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Dogs And Chocolate Do Not Mix

Chocolate is for humans, not for dogs. Many owners don't realise but chocolate is actually essentially poisonous for dogs.

Research has shown that certain types of sweets are highly addictive for dogs and chocolate stands at the top of this list. Dogs cannot metabolise chocolate; it is not the sugar but the cocoa bean that is the culprit.

There are documented cases where dogs have died from eating chocolate. To make it worse, once a dog has tasted chocolate, it usually wants more. Thus it’s very important to teach children that chocolate might taste good to them, but is very dangerous to their canine friends.

Cocoa beans contain Theobromine and it is extremely toxic to dogs. It scrambles their central nervous system as well as their hearts and dogs can go into convulsive seizures from chocolate. If your dog has eaten chocolate and shows any adverse symptoms such as excessive panting, twitching, hyperactivity or restlessness, you must seek immediate veterinary advice.

Rather than feeding your dog unsuitable treats, the best kind of dog nutrition comes from a balanced diet, specifically developed to give your dog the right amount of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals for a healthy and happy life. Hills Science Plan is recommended by vets as a complete dog food which can help maintain optimal health throughout all stages of your dog's life.

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