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Cats Are Carnivores

To understand why cats are carnivores, we need to look at the physiology of cats and why a human diet is not sufficient for cats and they must be fed specialist cat diets instead. The digestive tracts of humans are designed to be able to digest meats, fruits and vegetables. We are thus omnivores. The human digestive system is incredibly long and that is why we can digest all these different foods.

The digestive systems of cats are completely different. They have short digestive tracts which are highly acidic. This means humans can extract the needed nutrients from fruits and vegetables, but cats cannot.

This makes cats obligate carnivores; their continued health depends on the cat diets we humans provide for them. In fact, if you include fruits and vegetables in your cat diets over a long period they can possibly develop food related illnesses. This includes irritable bowel disease and diabetes. Processed carbohydrates fall into this group as well.

Know what you feed your cat

Find out exactly what goes into commercial cat foods before you buy them. Do not simply look for the most economically priced wet and dry food. It is vitally important to be educated in reading the labels on all cat food products. Never buy cat food that just states ‘fillers’. You must know what that means as fillers are usually wheat products to add bulk. Other things to look out for are the preservatives added.

Hill's provision for cat diets is a specially formulated cat food which has been scientifically developed to provide all of the necessary ingredients and nutrients for your feline friend to maintain optimal health and condition.

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