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Cat Health And Cat Foods

All cat owners are going to try to introduce new foods to their kitties at some point or another, whether these new foods are table scraps or specially made cat diets. However, it is worthwhile knowing that your cat cannot always safely digest everything you give to them.

You need to be clued up about what is good for, and bad for, cat health. Some foods, which are seemingly innocent, and good cat health, simply don’t play well together. So pay attention before you feed a feline table scraps.

Definite don’ts

Cats and dogs are completely different and so are their dietary needs. The truth is that you need to be careful what you feed them. Milk, chocolate, cream cakes and ice cream are not good for your cat or dog and in many cases can be toxic. Many cats are actually lactose intolerant and cannot digest cows milk which leads to diarrhoea, as it also does in many dogs.

The other foods contain way too much sugar for your pet to digest properly. This also often leads to diarrhoea which in turn affects cat health by inhibiting the absorption of sufficient minerals and vitamins. Chocolate, as nice as it is for you, is poisonous for most pets, don’t give it to them. Even some raw meats and fish can cause stomach upsets and other health problems, especially if fed frequently. Cooked fish and chicken bones are out of the question and can be very dangerous.

The best way to ensure that your cat and/or dog has everything they need in their diet and nothing that is harmful, is to provide them with a complete scientifically formulated pet diet which is specifically designed to give them everything they need nutritionally in a healthy diet.

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