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Cat Diets For All Cat Ages

Owning a cat as a pet has many benefits. They are neat and are very self-reliant. While the cat will be able to be independent in some ways, it is important that you take care of the cat’s diet.

There are different cat diets for different stages of your feline friend’s life. Kittens require specific food which is formulated with their specific needs in mind, whilst adult cats have slightly different needs and so should be fed a diet which is intended for their age. It is important to feed your cat in the right way to ensure that they can develop correctly and get a great foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Cat diets for kittens

Your kitten deserves a lot of attention and so does their diet. As the kitten has not fully developed yet, it is important to make sure that when choosing cat food, you select one designed to have right nutrients that a kitten requires to grow. Kittens generally require food that contains a high level of meat protein, taurine, vitamins and minerals as well as constant access to fresh drinking water.

When you choose Science Plan for kittens from Hills Pets, you are assured that your kitten is getting the right nutrients for its proper development. We also have a natural selection made of wholesome natural ingredients that promote optimal health in kittens.

Kittens should stay on dedicated kitten food for the first year of their lives before they are old enough to move gradually onto adult food. Ideally they should have at least 4 small meals a day at for the first few weeks after they come home and this can be adjusted as they grow and mature to the normal 2-3 meals a day when an adult.

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